Health & Safety Training


As of July 2014, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) requires ALL Ontario workers to complete Health & Safety Training

Simply go to the MOL website and complete a series of training modules. When you’re done, save and print the Certificate!

 Click here to go to MOL website.

SmartSkills Connect works diligently to ensure our associates are safe. You must provide a copy of your certificate to SmartSkills Connect for our records.

Make sure you SAVE  and PRINT the certificate for your records.  The Ministry of Labour does not keep a copy of it.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to do this training?

The goal is to improve health and safety of all workers in Ontario.  The training touches on safe-work practices, as well as the rights and responsibilities of Employees, Supervisors and Workers.

Who needs to complete the training?

Everyone who is defined as a “worker” under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) must complete this basic awareness training program. NB: here is a specific training for Supervisors.

Will it cost me anything?

The training is FREE and is completed online through the Ministry of Labour website.

How long will it take to complete?

The training will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

If I change my job will I be required to redo the training again?

No, as long as you keep a copy of your Training Certificate that is all the proof that your employer will require.

Will I be eligible to work if I do not complete the training?

The Ministry of Labour has made the health and safety awareness training MANDATORY.  You will need to complete this training before you begin to work.

CLICK HERE to go to MOL  training modules.